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  • 汉语拼音字母表 Chinese Pinyin Alphabet

    淘宝搜索'汉语拼音字母表',看到的设计大都十分粗糙,感觉会拖累小盆友的审美认知,于是尝试简洁些的排版设计,罗列最基本的声母、韵母和整体认读音节,免费供个人学习使用。A Chinese Pinyin Chart for download and free for individual study ...

  • 13-hour Data Visualization with D3.js

    In the past two months, I followed the tutorial by Curran Kelleher and learned Data Visualization with D3.js as a beginner. Here comes my feelings and notes.

  • 应用于 HTML 的图标 SVG code 的优化方法

    使用 Sketch App 等软件设计的图标图片,怎样以干净简短的 SVG code 嵌入 HTML 中直接使用来达至最佳性能和样式的灵活性?可以试试 ImageOptim.

  • Lean Canvas 精益画布 in CSS Grid

    Created a lean canvas in HTML and CSS Grid for responsive full screen canvas view for lean startup business planning.

  • A Hong Kong Schools Map in Mapbox GL JS and React

    A map of Hong Kong Schools Location markers with popup in Mapbox GL JS with React framework.

  • Focus-to-float input label in pure CSS

    An HTML and CSS solution to achieve focus-to-float label effects with through the placeholder attribute.


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