Millie is a senior experience designer with over 9 years of experience in digital product design.

Equipped with user-centered design skills for problem solving, she has contributed to diverse types of businesses by delivering professional services and products to achieve the business goals. The products she contributed are serving thousands of customers from all over the world. From public facing to large-sale enterprise systems (SaaS), Millie has experience in industries including finance, non-profit organizations, education and beauty.


User Experience Design

She cares usability, accessibility and performance and is able to delivers inclusive and SEO friendly web experience.

  • Strategy PlanningAnalyse business needs, create balanced plans to devise digital products that fulfil user needs and can achieve business goals.

  • User ResearchEstablish user research plans as business needs and resources, choosing proper methods (e.g. competitors analysis, user interviews, persona, journey map, services blueprint and usability studies) for better understanding of target users.

  • Information ArchitectureAnalyse and organize information architecture to establish meaningful navigations, content layouts and search systems.

  • PrototypingFocus on usability and accessibility, conduct rapid prototyping to convert ideas into visualized wireframe or high-fidelity prototypes that are highly interactive and validatable with users.

  • User Interface Design and DevelopmentAnalyse user flow for smooth interactions. Define visual styles according to user needs as well as branding guidelines for delightful visual experience. Flexible on delivering either static UI design files with various design tools or code to create fully responsive and close-to-real prototypes to boost the speed of design validation and implementation.


She believes a designer with programming knowledge can better understand how digital products works. With less gap between design and technology, ideas and solutions can be better communicated and delivered.

  • HTML, CSS and JavascriptDeliver high-fidelity prototype with close-to-real experience to valid ideas. Speed up communication across users, project owners, designers and engineers. Aside from using vue.js or react.js for rapid prototyping, she also learnt D3.js for data visualisation and realised mini ideas as the works in the playground.

  • PythonAfter completing the Data Analysis and Visualisation with Python learning path on DataQuest, she is looking forward a chance to practice the skill.

  • Version Control, CLI, etc.Comfortable to manage source code version in git, use Command Line Tools (CLI) to set up development environment or run command. Check out her work on Github


She is comfortable with any kinds of tools to achieve goals. If there has to be a list, here are her picks:

  • Pen and paper for ideation
  • Figma, sketch for UI design
  • Affinity Designer (Photoshop-Illustrator alternative) for image editing and drawing
  • JetBrains PyCharm IDE for coding
  • Jira for project management
  • GitHub, GitLab or BitBucket for version control repositories

As a life learner

2018-2019, Millie completed the online course Data Analyst - Python on DATAQUEST. Gained knowledge on data manipulation, visualisation and analysis.

In 2017, she completed the Udacity Front-end Web Developer Nanodegree course and her JavaScript got strengthened.

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