Millie is a product designer.

Equipped with UX&UI design skillset, she identifies problems and defines strategy between human and machine with the goal to improve business productivity.

She has been at it for over 8 years now.

Millie is now living in Hong Kong and working at British Council EA Digital Hub as user experience lead.

Experienced from single page application to large-scale enterprise system ...

Skilled with prototyping, research, visual and interaction design, Millie has participated in more than 20 projects varies from single page app to complex large-scale system including enterprise-level online learning system and national-level exam invigilation and administration system.

She cares usability, accessibility and performance and is able to delivers inclusive and SEO friendly web experience.

Front-end design expert who codes

She has been prototyping in HTML and CSS for over 5 years which ensure quality and saves time for the team.

In 2017, she completed the Udacity Front-end Web Developer Nanodegree course and her JavaScript got strengthened.

Code by Millie

Check out her code on Github →