Sketch app 色彩管理器的色值错误

sketch color issue Sketch 里的RGB色值和用 ColorSlurp app 取到的色值不同


于是打开单独的取色器App一选,RGB值竟然为(43, 170, 173).


When we export an image, we interpret our color values in the sRGB colorspace. We also save the color space in the metadata, unless you have ‘Save for Web’ checked in the export panel. Regardless of that setting though, the intent has been to save with sRGB, which works nicely with Safari as it interprets all images as being saved with sRGB in the first place. If you would also open the image in Preview, it would recognize the sRGB profile and render it as close to Safari as possible. We believe this way we get the most consistent color representation possible.

iOS app color profile最佳实践 请参照iOS Developer Human Interface Guideline


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